EP: Alessi’s Ark – Sole Proprietor

AA_Soul Proprietor_EPAlessi’s Ark’s new EP  Sole Proprietor is a delicate and charming creation; the songs flow well together and the EP is a delight from start to finish. Beginning with “The Robot”, Alessi tells the sad story of a lonely robot through soft breathy vocals and a twinkling guitar melody.  The song is paradoxically gentle and powerful. It is followed by “Dancing feet”, in which her simple but moving lyrics take the form of a love letter, with Alessi’s heart melting voice singing out “you should know by now that I care for you.”

It is easy to be completely absorbed by Alessi’s world when listening to her songs. “Shovelling” tells a story about the difficulties when fighting with a person you love. “The Bird Song Master” completes the EP with some fabulous vocal harmonies sung over twanging guitar and whistling Trumpets.

Sole Proprietor is a beautiful piece of art, and you can’t help but feel dreamy when listening to these stunningly arranged songs.  They make you want to spin around until dizzy, lost in thought.  It is an absolute delight from beginning to end, Alessi’s Ark have created something very special here.

Words: Jenny Dowdell