Video | jefff – R U Hip 2 the Revolution

Yes, Key West singer-songwriter jefff’s stage name is written with three f’s. With that out of the way, it may now be elucidated that the Floridan artist is incorporating elements of reggae, funk, and folk into his music to communicate an urgent message for change. Much like fellow folk-pop contemporary Jason Mraz is doing on the opposite coast, jefff’s mission is to use his music as a vehicle to communicate a need for genuine action in shifting the way that the world’s powers work. In doing so, he speaks a truth to the foundations of each genre that influences him.

r”R U Hip 2 the Revolution” is a melange of the aforementioned, blending funk-ridden riffs and a reggae groove with a call to action that is unmistakably folk. It may be a tad on-the-nose for some, but in being so, jefff couldn’t make his dire message any clearer. It’s a rallying signal reminiscent of the artist’s forebears, sold through a vibing music video for the artist that is understandably gaining solid traction in the indie world.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm