Premiere | Dan Sumner – Let the Light In

Borne of the same artistic ingenuity that has The National or Bear’s Den constantly evolving, Dan Sumner finds himself in a folk-rock foundation that’s twisted and turned time and again. Crafting and navigating through captivating, textured arrangements seems to come as second nature to the artist, whose taste for intuitive measures of composition informs every layer of his art. More simplistically, though—and what’s truly at the heart of what Sumner does—is a human heart that is aching to empathize. To that point, ‘Let the Light In’ is apropos.

The singer-songwriter’s latest drives with the layered vibe that’s aforementioned. Through this vehicle, Sumner is able to effectively communicate a loving message of hope. He explains, “It’s about someone locking themselves away from the world and everyone they know and is a plea for them to look outside to see that there are people who love them and a world outside which has a lot to offer.”

‘Let the Light In’ is the latest single from off of Sumner’s forthcoming album, Ebb and Flow. The LP is set to release November of this year.