Single | Geoff Gibbons – Keep on Driving

Just around two years ago, Geoff Gibbons touched our hearts with the moving folk of his previous release, Shadow of a Stone: Songs of Remembrance. Aptly making its debut just five days before Remembrance Day, Gibbons’ natural knack for writing purposeful, conversational roots music was put to good use in examining what comes before, during, and after service. His latest tune, ‘Keep on Driving’, is conscious Americana that preserves the modern troubadour’s inherent narrative strengths as he reflects on everyday life. Yearning pedal steel, pervasive percussion and guitar tones, and even a touch of didgeridoo mesh into an atmospheric arrangement, centered by Gibbons’ storytelling vocals.

Gibbons says, “In these times of uncertainty ‘Keep On Driving’ is a longing for freedom. Caught in the well-worn circle of day to day survival…I wondered what would happen if I didn’t turn in the driveway and just kept going. It speaks to life in general.. The smallest move or gesture can completely change the direction of a life. We forget we have control over those moves every minute.. as fear and comfort often hold us where we are.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm