Video | Damon Mitchell – ‘Elise’

Screenshot from YouTube

Having recently joined America on-stage for an encore rendition of their hit song, ‘A Horse With No Name’, Damon Mitchell’s latest single doesn’t feel too out-of-sync with 60s and 70s-era folk-rock, either. Procuring elements of what made the likes of Dewey Bunnell, Tom Petty, and Jackson Browne so compelling in their golden eras and mixing them with a more contemporary set of production sensibilities, the precocious Mitchell is a prime showcase of an artist who keenly blurs the lines between past and present in order to present something that looks a little more like the future.

The titular single from off of his latest EP, ‘Elise’, is just as well an example of this anomaly as any other. Incorporating cool, bluesy riffs and lyrical sentiment with folksy undertones, Mitchell expertly navigates his genre-crossing sound beside a music video that captures the feeling with little effort. Directed by Ali Resac with acting from Mitchell and Mia Favela, the moody video expertly delivers the brooding tone of ‘Elise’ into an audio-visual format.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)