Video Premiere | J.W. Teller & Drew Danburry – ‘Ghost’

Photo by Chris La Tray / Courtesy of Tiny Human LLC

With his self-titled debut album, J.W. Teller rung in the year right for folk listeners like us. Each song present on the LP serves the same function of illustrating a separate part in Teller’s life, the singer-songwriter recalling these moments with straight-shooting precision. A layman’s poet, Teller makes his mark with the frankness with which he conveys his autobiography. He’s an artist who fundamentally understands the essence of contemporary folk music without ever overdoing it, bearing his heart without making it trite.

The heartbreaking ‘Ghost’ is one such example of the consummate songwriting of which J.W. Teller is populated. Exhibiting the story of a woman searching for her individual light to shine through the darkness, the melancholy track soars with Teller guiding intent listeners throughout its bittersweet regalia. Plus, speaking of regalia, Drew Danburry offers a charming artistic hand to developments with his curated animation which now accompanies ‘Ghost’. Its cutesy art style directly contrasts with the visual Teller produces in one’s head with those lyrics, but in a subtly ironic sense, it all comes together.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)