Single | Moe Green’s Eye – Who’ll Take Me Home

Vibing with the Heartland and pop-rock of the 1980s, Moe Green’s Eye are merging the lines between new wave and modern Americana with their forthcoming studio effort, After the Baptism. The soon-to-be quintet is rising fast amidst a bloated NYC scene, known for waxing eloquent of real-life reflections amidst their hook-laden roots rock sound.

There’s a sense of accessible dichotomy in the first single from off of the aforementioned LP, too, taking form in the shape of ‘Who’ll Take Me Home’. Described by the band as a look back on high school greats who would become unimpressive barflies as they grew older, a somewhat dark theme is given levity by the band’s musicality, transporting a warning to not leave your best days expressly behind you into a thoroughly polished package. Crunchy guitar riffs and a cool vocal performance keep it all fresh despite its retro leanings, and, all-in-all, the tune makes for a stellar first impression for the band and their upcoming full-length.

A lead single, ‘Who’ll Take Me Home’ has been joined by other tracks such as ‘Stay’, ‘Fixed’, and ‘Wasted’ on the road to release for After the Baptism. While the LP has yet to drop, For Folk’s Sake will be keeping a keen eye out for it to do so in the near future.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)