Video | Kenny Brothers Band – ‘The Other Side’ (Noisefloor Sessions)

Screenshot from YouTube

Establishing themselves as a “mountain rock” band based out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Kenny Brothers Band is not only a trio of actual musical siblings, but one capable of producing warm, gravelly soul reminiscent of their prospective genre’s tagline. Recorded at the Noisefloor in NH’s Dover, the Kenny Brothers gather together for a live performance of ‘The Other Side’, which is essentially a sonic projection of whiskey and honey. It works well as a classic folk-rock road song, too, with longing pedal steel setting the scene for a smooth ride into the sunset between laid-back lyricism and a wistful delivery. Seemingly effortlessly, the band does their thing, sinking into a comfortable groove and generously taking anyone with an ear to spare on a memorable ride.

‘The Other Side’ is the Kenny Brothers Band’s latest single, available for download and streaming now.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)