Video | Catgod – Sleep In

Late last month, Oxford sibling duo Catgod released a new single in the form of ‘Sleep In’. Inundated by the turbulence of uncertainty in a relationship, the tune undulates within the broad soundscape it outwardly paints, ferried forward with a spuming swirl of flute, piano, and sweet vocal ascension. The end result is folk carved a bit more off of the beaten path, still centered on the evocative storytelling qualities that have made the genre a chestnut, but not without striving towards innovation. It’s another contribution to a bewitching, often mystifying catalog deserving of their mystic moniker.

The audio experience alone is all of that, with its visual side offering even more off-kilter phenomena to grasp onto. Focusing on a nostalgic, inward-looking tone, the video presentation for the song quite literally rides an ebb and flow reminiscent of the output of vintage technology. Featuring the band’s Catherine Marriott and Robin Christensen-Marriott themselves hitting the lake, the footage is well worth a look as it meshes wonderfully with the atmospheric, soaring arrangement produced in the tune itself. It was filmed and edited by Milly Cope.


Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)