Single | DawgGoneDavis – Anthem Pandemonium

In some ways similar to old-school country, folk, or bluegrass, hip-hop has often excelled when at its most sincere, depicting the realities behind artists whose grit in their stories open the door to actual revolution. For better or for worse, DawgGoneDavis harmlessly inhabits a breezier, funnier, more offbeat side of the often poetic, often blunt storyteller’s genre. In a world where pop-oriented production reigns supreme and is already chockful of irreverence, though, Kansas City’s Rebecca L. Davis bringing her sweet, fun-loving air to the scene offers a more innocuous answer to that side of proceedings.

Moreover, in her mission through her music and her writing, the artist puts herself out there with an intrinsic effervescent charisma all in the name of Operation Breakthrough, to which all of her proceeds are donated. This is why we are more than pleased to share something so far out of our atmosphere this once—it couldn’t benefit a kinder cause, nor could it be crafted by a kinder, more liberated heart. Her newest single from off of the In the Dawg Pound EP, Davis brings some mindful braggadocio to the table beside a mid-tempo trap beat, all before descending into a breakdown near the end that displays some genuine talent for laying bars. At the end of the day, it’s good-humored music from a sweet-hearted writer and performer. At its worst, it’s putting a smile on your face. At its best, it’s benefitting children everywhere.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)