Album | Suki Rae & the Company – Can’t Stop Now

At the center of folk music and roots music of all kinds is a spirit for social action. Wherein some of her contemporaries have shied away from carrying on such a passion for human rights in the stories they tell, Suki Rae has always kept this consciousness at the center of her music and herself. In a dash of irony, her avant-garde, heartful persona blends well with her precise, classically trained musicality rather well. Seven albums in, the notable artist and activist is embracing musical eclecticism in the name of justice.

Ergo, Can’t Stop Now won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Past its admittedly jaunty production value, however, is a grassroots development worthy of a spotlight. Suki Rae’s vocals are raw and her delivery forthright, creating an organic tone that lies at the center of the album. It inherently provides her a spotlight as the frontwoman of a band to maintain a balance with her listeners between her own stories, as well as using her skills as a troubadour to share that light with those who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to have had their stories told. Her deep-seated spirituality lends itself well to these moments as well, wherein if you truly lend an ear to her music, you will find yourself entranced by her calls for freedom and light.

Strictly musically speaking, Can’t Stop Now is a positive smorgasbord. At the album’s center lies an innate gospel-driven force, but it’s dusted by elements of blues, folk, and jazz that show up at certain times throughout the LP. It’s worth lending an ear to. You’ll come for the stories and the music that relays them alike, and chances are you might just stick around for both. Despite its sometimes tinny production, Can’t Stop Now is an indie gem.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)