Album | Lord Nelson – Through the Night

At its core, Lord Nelson is a band deadset on producing rock with a heart. Their music not only rolls, but it beats with palpable feeling from its opening moments on. The brainchild of brothers Kai and Bram Crowe-Getty, this rocking quintet finds its individuality purely and wholly in their innate melodic knack to appeal to their listeners through sentiment. Within and without this, the band also provides a bastion for deep musical development, not only catering to fans of honeyed rock’n’roll, but those who appreciate some soul and blues drenched into their Americana outings, too.

If you’re alive in 2018, then you know that, in perhaps more ways than usual, these are trying times. The crew behind Lord Nelson see an appeal in catering to the senses in a way that appeals to in-the-now moments told through their own experiences handling them and living through them. The kind of sound that they produce on their record may not be called ‘folksy’ on the overall. However, the folk attitude of this troubadour’s mindset is undeniable and helps to set the band that much further over the top with this conscious effort.

The point we’re getting to here is in the music, of which the band’s latest, Through the Night, is comprised of ten individual pieces. Each offering from the band presents a different mood, often with a sensible lingering of nostalgia pervading its construct as well. And, adorned by the power of a killer horn at their disposal, there’s much that they blissfully get done with by means of injections of soul, too, while they’re at it. Quite simply, Lord Nelson rides the line between folk and rock sentiment all-too-well with their sophomore effort, making Through the Night an enjoyably multifarious and heartfelt romp from start to finish.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)