Single | Gilbert Lee – Dial Me Up

At its core, folk music is a communal, artistic movement that has seen more than one contemporary revolution in its time accompanying humankind around the sun. The evolutions have seen their apex in modern times back in the 60s, and arguably yet again around the late-2000s to early-2010s. Now, we’re living in a world where the genre is continuously expanded upon in new, exciting, and even confounding ways, such as it is with the positively spacial glee of Gilbert Lee’s single, ‘Dial Me Up’.

With a thumping bass line at its center, the tune features Lee’s wispy, sweet vocals as he croons about the sci-fi nature of our modern days and times. Like a less controversial Father John Misty, Lee gives a musical voice to complex thoughts criticizing the continued evolution of today’s society. ‘Dial Me Up’, to this scribe, feels much like social commentary on the largely distracted audiences of the modern world, as they give in to the latest crazes all from their smartphones without giving the actual space around them any care.

Musically, it’s quite the delectable piece as well. That grooving bass persists throughout the mid-tempo track, and Lee remains completely in the same pocket as he starts with. It’s less of a dramatic work than it is one that feels content with setting the scene with a relaxing, galactic vibe. So it goes with Gilbert Lee: an easy listen, but an integral one at that.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)