Single | Rachel & the Ruckus – Water & Oil

Chances are that if you’re reading this article—or if you’ve ever had a heartbeat—that you’ve been through a bad relationship. For one reason or another, things just didn’t work out between you two to the point that things felt downright toxic. You may feel confused or alone at first, but you start to remember your own self-worth and begin feeling inspired. Along with this inspiration might come the pursuit of a big life change to really make your new outlook count.

This is the basic thematic setup for Rachel & the Ruckus’ new single, “Water & Oil”. More specifically, it derives some personal reflections from frontwoman Rachel Alena. And if you’re sensing that firsthand connection from the heart while listening to this track, it’s because it’s really there! As Alena unleashes some unbridled, rocking grit onto the song with her vocals, she’s singing to her listeners about a very real time in her life that saw her moving from California to be with her husband in his home state of Colorado.

The song is completed by those soon to be trademarked vocals, but the instrumentation present on the track is a ruckus worth noting. Bluesy riffs and a breakneck rock’n’roll tempo keep this fine Americana tune going courtesy of instrumentalists Alec Sims (guitar), Vincent Carmellini (bass), Andrew Voght (saxophone), and Kyle Comerford (drums).

The accompanying music video for “Water & Oil” is a visual reflection of the story mentioned above. Shots of the band’s adventures throughout Colorado keep the flick moving and varied while showing off their infectious stage presence.

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Words by: Jonathan Frahm