Album Review | Lucy Rose – Something’s Changing

It is hard to believe that were it not for the power of the internet, Something’s Changing, Lucy Rose’s 3rd record, would probably not exist. In her press for this record, Lucy stressed how it was only through people in South America contacting her to declare their admiration for her work, and then a subsequent tour of the continent, that rekindled her desire to record music. In music’s modern world, countries including Chile and Argentine were identified as listener hotspots, and after undertaking a month long tour during 2016, Rose set about writing the songs that would comprise Something’s Changing.

Taking a more pared back approach from Work it Out, Lucy’s last record, the songs here shine all the more brighter. The delicate instrumentation on ‘Is this called Home?’ puts Rose front and centre, something that is replicated throughout the record. Rose is supported on ‘Floral Dresses’ by fellow For Folks Sake favourites The Staves, providing soaring harmonies. It is here where Rose sounds most confident in her voice; testament to the quality of her songwriting, which is at its strongest on this record. Fellow stand out track ‘Moirai’, the Greek Goddesses of fate and destiny, seems likely to be a hit with TV producers for soundtracking those moments designed to pull on the heartstrings. It is a stunning track, with the implementation of strings adding depth and texture to Rose’s voice.

It is a little jarring to see Rose being widely more popular abroad than at home, but also a reminder that good music, be it of any genre, is universal, and when Rose is capable of writing songs as good as this, the hope is that someone, somewhere, will identify with them. It is clear that Rose’s audience, whilst not large, truly value her music, and sometimes this is more important than the number of records an artist sells.  With Something’s Changing, Rose has entered a renewed place of creativity, and fans will find plenty to love and identify with here.