Album | Revolushn – Further!!

If we’re talking about defining eras, Sheb Wooley’s done it and so have The Beatles, but few have bucked the psychedelic rock trend in recent days like Revolushn do in their latest record, Further!!. Perhaps astoundingly, given the niche nature of the genre in this day and age, the San Francisco band have been scorching with acknowledgments from Spotify on the Hot 100 Next Big Things playlist and are currently gearing up for a national tour. At the center of their trippy tunes, though, is a heart that beats for freedom and preservation of the natural earth, and it shows in all sorts of loose and unfounded ways throughout Further!!.

The band has a producer who has masterminded tracks this side of Ed Sheeran and Bone Thugs N Harmony with Aaron Connor of Kansas City’s Cypher Sound Studio heading the record, and the coming result is a suitably spacey, atmospheric wonderland of sound from beginning to end. Unlike many psych records of recent years that haven’t had the right person at the deck to help truly bring their innate vision to life, Revolushn’s studio work feels as full-bodied and vibe-centric as one would imagine out of Led Zeppelin or Jefferson Airplane back in the day.

Further!! is an album that’s hard to describe but easy to listen to. Like the best records reaching out to our ears from the original psychedelic rock movement, it’s a multi-layered melding of consummate instrumental prowess that is insanely listenable. Hearing past the wackiness of base subject matters of such songs like “Dinosaur” and “Dog Gets High”, there is a certain profundity to Revolushn’s music that makes it something you’ve gotta lend an ear to at least once.

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Words by: Jonathan Frahm