Album | Worry Dolls – Go Get Gone

It has been a long journey from For Folks Sake’s first feature on Worry Dolls to here, and the release of Goimage_236192_3_1_3_5_8_6_6_10_1_266708_1_62208 Get Gone, their debut album. Back in 2013, the duo, Rosie Jones and Zoe Nichol, were not long out of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, alongside alumni such as The Staves and Dan Croll. In the Intervening years since, two EP’s, both reviewed favourably, have seen the duo garner some well deserved media attention, and by not rush releasing their debut, what the two have presented here in Go Get Gone is a piece of musical craftsmanship.

Two-part harmonies are the duo’s speciality, and this is apparent from the opening track, ‘Endless Road’.  Both Jones and Nichol are accomplished singers in their own right, yet their combined singing elevates the sound. The Beach Boys would have been less successful without the preciseness of their harmonising, and indeed, the moments where Go Get Gone shine are when Jones and Nichol harmonise.

One of the standout moments on the record is the country-twinged Don’t Waste Your Heart On Me. Jones and Nicol begin in a hush, and end with some real grit in their voices, the force behind the line ‘All my feelings have died/the tears I have cried/trying to fix what is already broken’ being especially cutting.

The piano introduction to ‘She Don’t Live Here’ sounds like an Elton John song in the best possible way. Much like many of John’s famous compositions, they have a certain timelessness to them. Whilst the track sees the duo muse upon a former self, it is easy to imagine this track being more than looking back, and as a celebration of the person you are today. Music, such as the songs contained here on Go Get Gone, should be celebrated. Let’s hope the world wakes up to the Worry Dolls.