Single: First Aid Kit — I Met Up With The King

fak_imetupwiththeking_psThe first time I ever saw First Aid Kit play was at the Slottsfjell festival in Norway last year. I didn’t know about their sound back then but I was lured into the promise of a fresh and captivating act. And so it was. The soft harmonies of these two Swedish sisters melts the toughest heart, perfectly balanced with dark and mature lyrics. They are the long-lost counterparts of Fleet Foxes but stripped totally bare.

For their new single, ‘I Met Up With The King’, however, it is strikingly frustrating to see work being overdone. In terms of vocals, that is. The melody of this song is simple and catchy, reminiscent of ABBA’s legacy, but the real strength lies in their vocal cords. Yet, what sounds promising and beautiful at the start, ends up with an elongated raspy note – presumably in parallel with the sad outcome of the poem –though it feels forced and untrue, it rings in the ears like tinnitus and it sadly leaves a pang of heavy disappointment. We will have to see what else is in store in the next coming months.

Words: Liane Escorza