Singles Round-up | Charlie Law, DM Stith, The Duke Spirit, Ivory Tusk & Perhaps Contraption

charlielawCharlie Law – My Black Dog

Charlie Law’s latest track is a mixture of darkness and light, finding a solution to problems and leaving them behind. The joyous confidence with which his voice flies through the air and soars in parts is bright and hopeful. The backing vocals lend to creating a cohesive unity and inspiring fondness for the track. The upbeat rhythm and the vision of the dog in question, or is it simply metaphorical, make it a curious affair. A heart-on-the-sleeve track, if ever there was one.

DM StithDM Stith – War Machine

It’s been a long time coming. 2009’s Antony Hegarty-inspired debut album was weirdness and potential personified. ‘War Machine’ is the first taster from this decade’s incarnation of Stith and doesn’t so much fill in the gap left by so many silent years as it does nicely open up the next chapter. This is of no fixed genre, it’s busy, even messy, and somehow it works. Second album Pigeonheart, released soon, could be something truly glorious. July 29 cannot come soon enough.

p01br2bqThe Duke Spirit – Wounded Wing

The Duke Spirit return with a low-key ballad in which frontwoman Leila Moss’ vocals reach out and simultaneously strike a chord with listeners, offering a slice of wonderful radio pop and show a new angle to the band’s previous pre-album sound of singles. This track never takes off, and there in that restraint it feels like a real blessing. It’s soulful, spacious and evokes a special feeling of warmth and familiarity.

a1834445795_10Ivory Tusk – Where Are You Running Now?

This lovely feast of folk-pop sounds like old-school Ryan Adams before the ego took over and the songs were left behind (to a certain extent). The sweet guitar melody and heartfelt vocals combine to create a song that feels worth revisiting over and over. It certainly is a good way of drawing ears towards forthcoming EP Zephyr.

maxresdefaultPerhaps Contraption – Droplets/Molecules

If you haven’t discovered this band thus far GO AND DO IT… NOW! The band, from London, is a 9-piece that fuses pop, punk, folk, jazz, ska, the kitchen sink, and much more. It has male and female members and plays in yellow and purple outfits. It sounds like little you have encountered before and brightens your day. This track from upcoming album Mud Belief flits between genres with such ease it’s hard not to be totally caught up in the band’s wheels. It’s a great ride to be a part of. The perfect festival band, and perfect for live settings and cheering you up. Oh, and their videos are equally wild and brilliant. Go get!!!