EP | Luke Sital-Singh – The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow


A year on from his debut album, Luke Sital-Singh has returned to his favoured EP format, handily providing a great stopgap before his next full-length work. For anyone not already familiar, this four-track collection serves as a good introduction to the young British songwriter – for those already on board, it scratches the itch while we wait for the next album.

The beautiful opener ‘Still’ is the definite highlight here, showing off Sital-Singh’s ability to straddle the line between fine craftsmanship and radio-friendly hooks. This is the sound of a man whose work demands an audience, a clear talent who can grow in the coming years. The only problem is that nothing else here matches it. While the quality remains high, the rest of the EP too easily sounds like plenty of other artists. At his best, Sital-Singh has a distinctive voice and sound – and after the opening track this doesn’t show it off nearly enough.

That said, if ‘Still’ can win over a few more listeners and direct them towards his debut, it will have done them a good service. As Sital-Singh works on his all-important second album, this EP poses the key question – can he follow his own direction and become the artist he promises to be?