Album | French For Rabbits – Spirits | Listen now


Several things are obvious over the course of French For Rabbits’ debut record. It’s a lovely little thing that shows off the ethereal/dreamy vocals of the lead singer Brooke and the multi-faceted skills of the band’s lead guitarist. The other instrumentation is delicately positioned to enhance the focal point of the central voice. The whole package is relaxing and it isn’t hard to see how the act recently supported Agnes Obel, or that it might go on to bigger and better things from here.

There is enough here to hint at not only a possible bright future but also to gain the interest of romantic music fans everywhere and even film soundtrack attention. Some of these songs would grace key moments, or gentler ones too, in films perfectly. There is nothing big and loud here, and there doesn’t need to be, some of this creeps in under the skin and stays there. It’s sweet, chilled out and brave enough to not be at all boring.

There are stronger and weaker moments, though no track really deserves skipping, there is always something that even if it doesn’t have you leaning in always lends to awakening a curiosity to at least see how it all ends, where exactly it goes. It’s no easy trick, and the tracks blend together but offer enough variation to hold the listener from start to finish. There are wonderful lyrical hooks as well as guitar parts littered throughout the tracks that make you want to stay for the whole journey.

It’s a good first album that if it serves the purpose of building the confidence of the act could lead to a rather more grand second long player. If they are even braver next time around, and push the boundaries a little further this band could truly make something to cause the ears to prick up. Nevertheless, another new act to follow. Well worth checking out, both live and on record.