Album | Justin Townes Earle – Single Mothers


Earle Junior’s latest album starts with the gorgeous ‘Worried Bout The Weather,’ and the chilled out country vibe instantly impresses. This apple didn’t fall far from the tree. In fact, this track by way of an introduction to the artist is perfect and sets things up nicely for anybody taking time with the rest of the album.

The title track follows and it’s quickly becoming apparent that Earle has a natural and easy ability to turn out blissed out country with a beautiful bluesy voice sweeping over each track. A song never seems to overstay its welcome either, they are such sharp and acute blasts of perfect country blues, magnificently and effortlessly crafted. Three tracks in, and whether you’re a fan of this genre of music or not it’d be hard not to acknowledge that this is indeed a treat. The length of album is great, demanding an immediate replay, and a forage into the young Earle’s back catalogue.

As the album progresses you realise you are a fan of this thoughtful and somehow simple music. The slow burning grooves, the steel pedal, the vocals that don’t hit you, but work magic all over you, there is much here to be impressed by. It’s true though, it’s an album to realise you are a fan of the artist to, as each song digs itself into your heart and head.

‘Picture In A Drawer’ is the album’s longest track, at just over four minutes. It’s the halfway point of the record. It’s minimal, gentle, lullaby­esque, and again it really takes hold of the listener with its delicate charm. The space that the voice moves in and around sounds immense. It’s a magical moment, and yet hard to single out, as everything thus far has also been magical.

Side B, if it’s still a comprehensible concept, is much the same. Earle has recorded and released a great set here, one to surely increase his popularity and nod to a great future. For now, sit back and enjoy a stunning, highly enjoyable and compact new album. Single Mothers is definitely a highlight for country blues in 2014. A must hear!