EP | The Phoenix Foundation – Tom’s Lunch


Tom’s Lunch is The Phoenix Foundation’s latest follow up to 2013’s full length Fandango, and the stalwarts of the NZ music scene have delivered a tasty morsel with this five-track EP. Opening track ‘Bob Lennon John Dylan’ is frustratingly catchy, with tongue twisting lyrics that you really want to sing along, if only you could make out exactly what they were. Try to catch them though, the song is going to be in your head all day.

The song carries the EP, crying out to be chanted at a festival stage. Second track ‘Fiscal Pigs’ feels like a throwback to the 80’s with a trance-like drum beat contrasting with slowed down vocals, which leads to the perkier ‘Real Pig’, and on to an instrumental track by the slightly dubious name of ‘Asswipe’, which conjures memories of a Sega Mega Drive, complete with Game Over sound effect to complete the track. The final track ‘Race Day’ feels like a drive home from a long weekend by the sea, eight minutes of contentment, regret and completion.

Words: Mary Higgins