Album | Cats on Trees – Cats on Trees


It’s been years in the making but the debut album from whimsical French duo Nina Goern and Yohan Hennequin aka Cats On Trees is released in the UK this week after a good chart performance in their homeland in which the self-titled release reached number nine and introduced wider Europe to their melancholic yet catchy tunes.

From the opening track ‘Burn’, we’re presented with the lightly accentuated French vocals of Goern and the innovative rhythms from Hannequin that are typical of the entire album. The subtle and sweet ‘Flowers’ is a glimpse at a more reflective side while lead single ‘Siren’s Call’, which reached the French top three, is a dreamy build of a pop tune that puts you in the centre of an ocean and carries you into the distance.

It’s not all about the sweet ballads though, with ‘Tikkiboy’ a personal favourite for its bouncy melodies that showcase a more playful and experimental side of the pair whilst also bringing out the full range of Goern’s vocals. ‘Wichita’ is another track to channel the pop beats that come in contrast to the gentler sides of the album.

It’s an extremely fun record that takes you from floating dreams to the middle of a European dance floor within minutes and one that should do a big job of introducing this talented twosome to a much wider audience.

Words: Danny Brothers