Single: Wild Beasts – All the Kings Men

What can I say about Wild Beasts that have not been said already? This is a band that has taken us all by surprise. They are teasers and challengers to and of the senses and the preconceptual ideas of the laws of anticipation and music formulas of best practice. ‘All the Kings Men’ is a supreme delight – it is like the cherry on the cake, like the feeling you get when getting a shy kiss on the cheek from that beautiful girl at high school or like the giggles of a baby when it’s being tickled.

It is not only the catchy ‘Oh, oh, oh’ little tune or the falsetto vocals or the fidgety guitar work or the bouncy drumbeat and defined bass line. It is the atmosphere created around it, the background echo, the slight delayed aura that brings this track to the Excellency and status of King. Wild Beasts are ‘All the Kings Men’.

Words: Liane Escorza