Live | Eugene McGuinness @ The Lexington, London, 26th June 2012

Eugene McGuinness had achieved lots of things before we came to know about him when ‘Lion’ was added to the 6Music playlists. Apologies for us being a little behind the times on this one, though it seems we’ve rocked up fashionably late to really quite a party.

His new album, ‘The Invitation to the Voyage’, is a lively package of storming choruses and dark, witty lyrics, carried by Eugene’s strong, unusual voice and some catchy backing vocals from the rest of the band. And the gig that marked the album’s launch showed that these guys have really been putting in some work below our radar – they’re at a level of slick that Tony Soprano would approve of.

Have you ever wanted to hear a song that makes you feel a bit like you’re in Pulp Fiction and wish you were wearing Wayfarers? Try the persistent basslines of ‘Shotgun’ on for size. And the kooky lyrics of ‘Lion’ are quick-witted enough that you won’t be able to sing along until the bridge, which is constructed of a load of weird vowel sounds. This leaves more room for dancing.

This might be a bit of an experiment for the tastes of some FFS readers, but we’re of the opinion that when a singer this talented performs dance-inducing songs full of silly but clever words, everyone should at least give him a try. We can hold your hand if you like, if only for the slower ones.