EP: Treetop Flyers — To Bury the Past

Reid Morrison’s gentle, yearning voice opens this timeless gem of an EP as he introduces the troubled protagonist of ‘Mountain Song’, before raw guitar and subtle harmonies melt into the beautifully crafted tale, and rather than burying the past, this London-based band marrying minds from both sides of the Atlantic effortlessly transport you to a different musical time and place entirely.

With comparisons to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young rife, if not undeserved, and Fleet Foxes already reminding the masses of the gut-wrenching potential of beautiful harmonies, Treetop Flyers must offer something distinct to truly merit the gushing praise I’m aching to give them. And they do, in rusty bucket loads, with each and every song; especially the intriguing blend of ‘Is It All Worth It?’ where Dylanesque guitars usher in almost nonchalant vocals that feel oddly influenced by recent British guitar bands, before those hushed harmonies sweep over you yet again.

From the retro guitar licks of ‘Rose Is In The Yard’ to the grand closer ‘It’s About Time’ ‘To Bury the Past’ is instantly familiar, never derivative, and impossible to tire of. Put simply: the more I hear of Treetop Flyers, the more excited I get.

Words: Lois Jeary

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