EP | All We Are – We Hunt

Liverpool-based trio All We Are sound so instantly accomplished that I’m a bit taken aback that I’ve never heard them before. Their latest EP, We Hunt, opens with ‘Trainspotting’ and a beguiling guitar riff reminiscent of Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ (in a good way, not just copying it) which gives way to dreamy, echoey girl-boy singing and thumpy drums.

Fans of Stealing Sheep (who they happen to have toured with) should enjoy the relaxing psychedelic-folky kicks, but there’s something reminiscent of the xx’s late-night city wanderings too, shifting almost invisibly between noisescapes. ‘Cardhouse’ cranks up the volume in a blissful way, with a rousing hook of a chorus that should go down brilliantly with a festival crowd, then ‘Red Sky’ opens with Guro Gikling’s vocals, reminiscent of Twin Sister, and is intimate and sweet, with a spinning rhythm, the lyrics addressing a lighthouse and telling it to ‘break the night’. The final song, ‘Satellite’, is back in floating-and-drifting territory, making a lullaby-like end. Lovely.

Words: Becky Varley–Winter