Video | Shawna Virago – High Road No. 6

Pioneering trans artist Shawna Virago is back again with more electrifying alt-country. In a press release, she states,  “I’d been a little depressed from the non-stop level of hate aimed at trans people, and needed to write something that gave me some hope and comfort. I needed something to supercharge my resilience.”

Indeed; it’s an audial jolt of confidence, imbued with Virago’s seasoned swagger. Her haughty vocal delivery sells it, stamped with some delectable guitar licks to top the tune off. Its accompanying music video very much identifies with the same level of pride and strut, making for a fun time.

Virago goes on to say, “‘High Road No. 6’ is that song, about escaping the entrapments and negative forces wanting to take you down. It’s a visual and cinematic song, plus you can shine up your boots and break out some the line-dancing.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm