Interview | FFS 5 with The Grahams

The Grahams have turned a new leaf in 2021. Their new tunes, ‘Beyond the Palisades’ and ‘Pilgrims and Punks’, pave the way for an ambitious sonic evolution. More akin to throwback soul and cinematic dream-pop, their ‘innovator’ tag has been…

Interview | Hanging Out with Tucson Folk Artist, Don Armstrong

Don Armstrong is a family man. Urbane in philosophies on faith, love, and life, the New York-gone-Arizona singer-songwriter has long since developed an intuition for riding the humanity tramway. Armstrong’s observations on sheer mortal grit have developed him into an affable everyman—a folk artist whose music is denoted by the same traits that he is identified with in everyday life, like consideration, wit, and good humor. His artistic reflections are as multi-faceted and welcoming as he is, having made the wait for the Tucson-favorite’s Mother, Don’t Give Up on Me Now all the more difficult.