EP: Tigers that Talked – Black Heart, Blue Eyes

Tiger’s That Talked — Their name sounds mythical and enigmatic which I think perfectly describes this band’s sound. The four-piece from Leeds has, to date, released a few home-made EP’s and have recently released their first album, 23 Fears on record label Bad Sneakers. This EP, Black Heart, Blue eyes is almost a taster for fans and new listeners alike to understand their music.
The first and title track starts off light and full of energy. The use of violinist Glenna against the guitars works perfectly, this is chirpy and catchy- the perfect pop-folk single. The next three beauties are a little more sombre but no less energetic. ‘Smokescreen’ sounds moody and incredibly elegant. The way Jamie uses his voice makes every line meaningful and important- it’s almost as if the world should stop just so you can fully take in what he’s trying to tell you. ‘Electric Press’ is similar but gets a bit more of a kick up the arse at the end. The final song, ‘Duet’, starts off like a haunted piece of instrumental music and then progresses into a frenzy of violins, drums, guitars and enthusiastic vocals. The EP ends in a dramatic fashion- as I feel will become a trademark.
A refreshing addition to the folk-pop world with some much appreciated drama.

Words: Kat Nicholls