EP: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – The Daytrotter EP

This EP was always going to be a winner with me- I’m a sucker for any gravely voiced bluesy man with a guitar. Especially when he sounds like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam (swoon). This 25-year-old singer/songwriter from Brooklyn is singing the blues with genuine reason. His past is peppered with regrets including becoming an addict and sleeping on benches in Coney Island. Every tortured artist needs a sob story, but it’s nice when you hear that turn into a genuine sound with relatable lyrics.

The important thing with Miles is that you believe what he’s telling you- a big part of storytelling in music. The songs range from quirky to epic. The title track, ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere’ is the former. Upbeat and catchy it adds some backing vocals to bring depth and a community feel. You imagine him singing in the car with his buddies heading to the beach to chase that sunrise. The latter, more moving pieces are ones like ‘There Will be Mud’. This standout track repeats the great lyrics “You got it wrong/ everything’s yours, not mine” over mesmerising drums and jazz-like piano riffs. Miles strips this tune down to it’s bare minimum and then builds it back up to a symphony- maybe a metaphor for his life so far?

Words: Kat Nicholls