EP: Peggy Sue – Lover Gone

Too many modern love songs are built on the shakey foundations of cliches, done-to-death themes and dodgy rhymes.  This makes the originality of Peggy Sue’s new ‘Lover Gone’ EP all the more impressive and delighting.  The title track is a love song that’s not a love song, to a person who was a lover, but is one no longer, about a four year relationship that’s very much over.  It’s not bitter, nostalgic or melodramatic, but a heartfelt eulogy to something beautiful and dead:

“Lover gone, this song, is not a love song / because our love’s gone / but the four letters of my name are still the first four of yours, the four poster on your bed is still the first in which I crawl / without pretence, without purpose, without drink, without remorse / when I gave to you four years out of my 24

Also featuring on this EP is the band’s super-duper cover of Missy Eliot’s ‘All in My Grills’, the recording of which has been long anticipated by those fans who know what a joy it is to watch  this threesome live.  The girls haven’t managed to get the whole way through this song without the odd giggle, but this simply intensifies their charm.

Words: Helen True