EP: Mondesir – It Would Not Be A Rose

Mondesir is a solo project from the London-based artist Josienne. Her EP, It would not be a Rose, includes four songs packed with delicate and heartfelt lyrics. What’s striking about Josienne is the organic and unpretentious nature of her songs. No clichéd lyrics or “cool” gimmicks. She’s the kind of artist you can imagine writing songs on scraps of paper on a park bench.

The first track, which shares the same title as the EP, is, although not the strongest song, an apt opening and demonstration of Josienne’s song writing skills. ‘Moving speechless’ is a definite highlight as her sorrowful lyrics describe the anxiety of trying to avoid the inevitable pain within a relationship. Her naked honesty, but also the underlying sense of hope, definitely makes this song worthy of undivided attention.

‘The Tangled Tree’ and ‘Turns to Jade’ bring out a different side to Mondesir. Her haunting lyrics and clear vocals create songs reminiscent of powerful hymns. Although fingers crossed this one doesn’t go down the same musical path as Charlotte Church …

Words: Selina Nwulu

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