Single: Jeremy Warmsley – If He Breaks Your Heart

First of all let me say you would not like Mr Warmsley to be your girlfriend’s brother.  While the London singer songwriter may appear serene and twee, at the heart he is clearly an imbalanced individual.  Or at least that is the case if you believe the unnerving lyrics of his latest effort, If He Breaks Your Heart, complete with menaces and threats aplenty served up in a beautiful melodic plate.  Imagine the Krays asking for money while performing the Bolero and you’re close.

And so in a sweet voice we hear “if he breaks your heart I will break his neck” and “if he fucks it up I will kill him stone cold dead”. Of course, it transpires our subject is in love with the lady whose significant other is being targeted, no less than we would expect from a man curating a Heartbreak Ball.

The track is simplistic in form, allowing Warmsley to display his vocal talents with a number of descant passages that tingle down your spine and float around your belly with pleasing warmth.  The track is perhaps overindulgent at times and too long, but the sound is lovely and the lyrics comical while tragic.  In spite of the maniacal tones one cannot help feel empathy towards this fellow who is so unfortunate in love.  The track will be available for free, rather poignantly, on Valentine’s Day and no doubt it will be among Jeremy’s set at the Heartbreak Ball, but please for your own sake, don’t break anyone else’s hearts, lest the Incredible Hulk of folk erupts.

Words: Peter Truman