EP Review: Jennifer Concannon- Freedom

Jennifer Concannon describes her music as sounding “like tin cans rolling down a hill” and, on listening, it’s hard not to wish it was you on that hill instead. Tin cans get all the fun.

The Freedom EP has a refreshing sense of space that spurs the listener to get out of the front door and into the world, that is until they realise that it’ll be dark in half an hour and it’s pouring with rain.

The way Concannon ducks and dives her way through the chorus in title track “Freedom” betrays Kate Bush as an influence. The melody sometimes soars too high for her voice, which has a hint of squeakiness in places. Nevertheless, accompanied by feel-good organ and guitar, the song is toe-tappingly good.

The later tracks show a calmer side of Concannon. Once A Friend, by far the most sombre song, is a simple, swaying goodbye that has the songstress defiantly declaring, “I’m not to blame,” in the face of her adversary.

The EP’s highlight, however, is Coming Down, which shows Concannon’s ability to mould lyrical stories to her music. The effect is easy going, rather like the life this reviewer would like to lead.

Words: Mary Machin