EP Review: Ivan Campo – Super 7

Sharing a name with an overweight, curly haired, Spanish footballer might not be the first thing most musicians aim for when putting together a band.  Indeed, the music created could not be further than the image of the former Bolton Wanderers midfielder huffing and puffing his way around a football pitch.  In fact, Ivan Campo in the musical sense are a three piece folk tinged trio based in Manchester and this EP is their fifth release to date.  

‘Super 7’ is a collection of seven acoustic ditties reminiscent of The Coral at the end of a very long day.  The songs are delicate and charming if a little brief, with none lasting beyond two and a half minutes.  The lo-fi arrangements are simple yet appropriate as a backdrop to some delightful lyrics and vocals. 

Stand out tracks are probably The Lotus Eater, Rat Race and Darling Diva but there are no weak links in this collection.   

The notes accompanying the release advise that it has been mixed by former Space bassist, Yorkie, who describes the band as “unique and mildly unsettling” on the bands Myspace page.   

All in all, a listen to ‘Super 7’ is 15 minutes well spent and an experience you’ll definitely feel the better for.  Ivan Campo should feel proud of a record that, whilst unlikely to break any existing musical boundaries, is well written and cleverly produced.   


Words: Matt Hardy