EP Review: Violens EP

Violens upbeat self-titled EP is just what we need in the cold, miserable and poor month of January.  Although the lyrics might not always match the cheerful melody, it would be hard not to let Violens put spring into your step.  

The four little jewels of songs will manage to put a smile on the face of even the most disillusioned of music-lovers; the band have produced an EP filled with boppy folk-pop, with plenty of guitars and tuneful vocals.

There is a lot to enjoy here, from the devil-may-care attitude of Already Over, to the lyrical irony of Doomed. There is an odd love story to be found in Spectator & Pupil and Violent Sensation Descends offers respite from a troubled mind. 

On their myspace page, the band compare their sound to The Zombies, amongst others and there are definitely similarities in their sound. In July 2008, they were listed in Spin magazine, along with Florence and the Machine, as one of the ‘Songs you need to download now’, and for those who choose to heed that call, I doubt there will be any regrets. 


Words: Alice Turner