Violens are a New York based four-piece known for their psychedelic synth pop, who have toured with Grizzly Bear, Handsome Furs and MGMT.

We Say: \\”On their myspace page, the band compare their sound to The Zombies, amongst others and there are definitely similarities in their sound. In July 2008, they were listed in Spin magazine, along with Florence and the Machine, as one of the ‘Songs you need to download now’, and for those who choose to heed that call, I doubt there will be any regrets.\\”

They Say: “Violens songs conjure descriptions of nightmares, the passing of time, speculations on spiritual messages, and accounts of psychedelic hallucinations. Even their most frenetic guitar work and aggressive rhythms are draped in a gauze of reverberant, harmonized vocals and synths which create a sense of creepy, artificial comfort. A fitting characterization, lyrically and musically, for a group whose name sounds like a melding of the words \\”violence\\” and \\”violins\\”.”

Band members: Iddo Arad, Ben Brantley, Jorge Elbrecht and Kris King.


V EP (Cantora, 2009)

Profile: Jason Williamson