EP Review: Peggy Sue and Les Triplettes – First Aid

This spiffing EP is one more magnificent adventure in the splendid journey of Peggy Sue.  Their latest incarnation, with ‘Les Triplettes’ has more depth and complication than previous recordings, and excitingly raises the femme-folk bar higher still.  The CD was co-produced with Steve Ansell of Blood Red Shoes and mixed in the US by the Dodos’ producer John Askew to startlingly brilliant effect.

‘Once We Were Strangers’ is resplendent on a bed of strings and drum clatters.  It concerns the harder-than-hard phenomenon of ending a relationship, but centers on this dark-hearted yet hopeful sentiment: “Once we were strangers, one day we’ll be strangers again.  Let’s just keep on trying our luck and fighting and fucking till then.” 

The darkest of finales, ‘The Sea, The Sea’ takes in accordion, violin and bass, and the result is the eeriest, most beautiful sea shanty you could hope to hear.  A construction project on the noir side takes place beneath the waves:

“You take my bones, and you build a house of your own now … Driftwood for bones and shells for teeth … flotsam for flesh, jetsam for jaw, mussel for muscle and oysters for eyes, seaweed for sinew” and the end to one of the most original and exciting EPs to appear in a long time.

The First Aid EP is available on Double 7″ vinyl gatefold and digital download.  Pop it in your ears and see what all the fuss is about.


Words: Helen True