Single Review: The Loose Salute – Why’d We Fight

Looking at the press shot of The Loose Salute laying peacefully in virginal white – on a rainbow of all things – you’d wonder that cross words had ever crossed their simple, happy minds – not so, apparently, if new single ‘Why’d we fight’ is to be believed.

The band use slow, lilting Americana to support Lisa Billson’s simple, emotion filled questioning of how relationships can possibly be filled with malice when everything’s just so lovely out there, thankfully just about steering clear of the tweeness pitfall at the same time.

Released on October 13 on Heavenly Recordings, the band never quite get to the bottom of the reasons behind relationships problems – hardly a surprise seeing as they’ve been going on for centuries – but we can all be cheered by their happy message that it’ll be all right in the end. Probably. Until the next argument.

Available ‘lovingly packaged’, whatever that means, on CD, 7″ and download with live favourite Nudie and the slow burning Karate Chop sitting on the B-sides.


Words: Mike Didymus