Herman Dune

Herman Dune: are a French/Swedish/Swiss/Israeli antifolk/surf/grunge gaggle of brilliance.

They Say: \\”the blight of the fumble bee\\”.

Influences: Leiber & Stoller, Chuck Berry, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Carole King.

Current Band Members: David-Ivar Herman Düne (guitars and vocals), Néman Herman Düne (drums).

Previous Band Members: André Herman Düne


Turn Off The Light (2000, Prohibited Records)

They Go To The Woods (2001, Shrimper Records)

Switzerland Heritage (2001, Prohibited Records)

The Whys And The Hows of Herman Düne & Cerberus Shoal (2002, North East indie)

Mas Cambios (2003, The Track & Field Organisation)

Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom (2003, Shrimper Records)

Jackson Heights (2005, The Track & Field Organisation)

Not On Top (2005, The Track & Field Organisation)

Giant (2006, Source Etc.)

Next Year In Zion (Fall 2008, Source Etc., Everloving Records, Cityslang)