Mechanical Bride

They Say: Haunting folk, maybe with some electronic/rock/blues….make what you will..

We Say: Surrey-born, Brighton-based Lauren Dross is the driving force behind the beautiful, eerie pop music of Mechanical Bride. They have notably managed to turn Rihanna’s “Umbrella” into a sinister nursery rhyme to which no one could ever consider dancing. They’ve been given airtime on a number of national radio stations and are, we believe, on the brink of being rather big.

Influences: Jeff Buckley, Massive Attack, Billie Holiday, Led Zepplin, Aphex Twin, Sigur Ros, David Bowie, Beck, Kings of Convenience, Velvet Underground, Pavement, PJ Harvey, Roxy Music, The Strokes, Ray Lamontagne, Willy Mason, Nick Drake, amongst others….

Lineup: Lauren Doss (vocals, guitar, glockenspiel, mandolin, piano), Abi Bailey (violin, vocals), Tommy Heap (piano, vocals, accordion), Marcus Hessenberg (glockenspiel, melodica), Sam Pearson (tuba, euphonium).



In The Throes (Transgressive)

Black Skeleton Sea (Transgressive, 2008)

Album due August 2009.

Words: Helen True