Peter and the Wolf (US)

Peter and the Wolf‘s eclectic, experimental blend of Americana and folk music is shaped by frontman Red Hunter (real name: Brian Redding Hunter). Known for holding concerts in such nontraditional places as cemeteries, sailboats, and remote islands only accessible by canoe, Hunter self-released a CD-R of original material before an L.A.-based indie label, The Worker’s Institute, signed his band in 2006. Peter and the Wolf subsequently left their headquarters of Austin, TX, and took to the road, where Hunter recorded an album’s worth of material in the bedrooms, living rooms, and hotels that housed his group between gigs.

Band Members: Brian Redding Hunter.


Lightness (The Worker’s Institute, 2006).

The Ivory Palms (The Worker’s Institute, 2007).

Mellow Owl (Whiskey and Apples Music, 2008).