Alessi’s Ark

From Alessi’s Ark’s myspace:

\”Alessi is a magical creature that lives in West London. I think of her as this unique eighteen-year-old girl who is very excited, very alert, and very open to the world of the imagination. The imagination is often associated with those strange dimensions created in childhood. For a young child, fantasy and reality seem to co-exist without contradiction, and shed light on each other. As we grow up we seem to leave this world behind, only to revisit it occasionally in song. Alessi’s songs like \”Constellations\” and \”The Horse\” open up the door again to this beautiful world. Her songs are a new take on psychedelic folk music, very British, and a little like Syd Barrett, who was very childlike in his own way.

Alessi has taken a myriad of influences from art and music, and her own life, and formed something very original. In a very short time, Alessi has created her own signature sound. Her voice is very sensual and her idiosyncratic guitar playing is very simple. On writing her songs, Alessi says: \”Usually words are born first. I try to remember them as much as possible and sometimes write a few things down. I leave the words to just exist for a little while and then I’ll see if I can find anything on the guitar to help it grow.\”

Alessi has studied music for a while, playing several instruments. For many years playing drums. As for her own songs she settled on guitar: \”I like playing the guitar, we’re becoming better friends all the time. Apple and I.\” In no short time, Alessi has created a magical set of songs, from her bedroom. Her visual and sonic presentation is both innocent and worldly.

Alessi played about one hundred shows in the past two years. Several of these shows were at bookstores and unconventional places. She said of these early shows: \”Listeners had to be quiet. I didn’t have a pickup on my guitar then so I’d just hope a microphone or two would do the trick.\”\”


The Horse Ep\"\"