Video Premiere | Graeme James – All the Lives We Ever Lived

With ‘All the Lives We Ever Lived’, Graeme James delivers a tune as warm and mysterious as the autumnal season. The track is suitably epic, featuring striking layers of vocals and instrumentation. The melody that he pronounces with his violin performance is especially memorable, offering a crux for an arrangement. It is also punctuated by a moving vocal delivery and a gorgeous crescendo build-up replete with banjo, guitar, cello, and piano—all played by the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. It’s distinct, contemporary, heartstring-tugging indie folk from the New Zealander as he quickly approaches the release of his album, Seasons (1 April / Nettwerk).

James tells For Folk’s Sake, “‘All the Lives We Ever Lived’ was the last song I wrote and recorded for Seasons. It’s quite a personal song that reflects how I feel about the bittersweet qualities of the seasonal change. The song is Autumnal in it’s symbolism and the lyrics found their origin in my own struggles to navigate a season of great personal change. As the saying goes ‘Change is the only constant’ and it often involves real loss and pain – but there is always beauty and opportunity in each new season if you have the heart to look for it.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm