Album | Yuval Ron – Sacred Spiral

Yuval Ron’s esteemed artistry has led him to Oscars fame for West Bank Story, Getty Museum compositions, and beyond. A renowned name in the world music scene, his broad resume speaks for itself. This makes it all the more wonderful for these accolades to melt away by means of balanced, meditative compositions like the ones of which his Sacred Spiral is combined.

Paired with Mongolian vocalist ƚyanga Bold, the two make an inimitable team. Tracks are bold, venturing into elements of jazz, electronica, and New Age meditations across extensive running times. The most intensely hypnotic moments come when Bold’s warm vocals ring, such as throughout the album’s centerpiece tracks, ‘Mind Vision Invocation’ and ‘Mysteries of the Heart’. Listeners are reminded of Bold’s own acclaim, making for the resonant, striking vocal movements that color official soundtracks this side of Mulan.

This isn’t to discount the other master craftspeople at work on the album. Ron has done well in meshing worlds together in his compositions, with glass harp, flugelhorn, bansuri, gongs, and more making their respective appearances. These works are illustrious and meticulously crafted, though never feel overstuffed despite most of them flirting a little past the ten-minute mark. It’s a healing experience that capitalizes on meditation and mindfulness. This piece will find its way into zen studios the world over, though any creative spirit could find worth in its soothing nature when approaching their next project.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm