Video Premiere | Trae Sheehan – Sleeveless Hearts

Photo courtesy of artist

For Folk’s Sake fave Trae Sheehan is back again. The innovative singer-songwriter is offering us a moving taste of his forthcoming album, Hello from the End of the World. ‘Sleeveless Hearts’ is an exercise in becoming and maintaining vulnerability, its universally relatable theme carried ever forward by subtle, sweet instrumentation. Sheehan’s warm, full-bodied voice rises amongst gentle synths and acoustic finger-picking. Altogether, he once again proves his ability to deftly imbue ubiquitous emotion into a tune, and showcases why he’s one of our favourites.

“‘Sleeveless Hearts’ is a journey into the epitome of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable,” Sheehan tells For Folk’s Sake. “‘Are we safe? Safe from anyone? Seeing our faces? Seeing our bones?’, it’s a storyline brought to life by our own insecurities as it’s given a place in our minds next to our fears.”

A swirling Wurlitzer keyboard puts us into a dream-like space and a gentle electric guitar surrounds us in comfort. Placing anxious lyrics within a soothing soundscape makes it possible to face our insecurities and push them aside to find our place within ourselves.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm