Video Premiere | Anya Hinkle – Meditation: Beyond the Shores of Darkness

Photo by Rose Kaz

A rising star of Appalachian string music, Anya Hinkle’s latest composition finds respite in the pensive. A contemplative, careful, and moving instrumental track, ‘Meditation: Beyond the Shores of Darkness’ showcases the shift from winter to spring.

Its music video intersperses gorgeous shots of snowfall and springtime flora with looks at Hinkle performing on her guitar alongside fiddler Julian Pinelli and cellist Duncan Wickel. It’s a thoughtful reflection that captures the beauty of seasonal transitions, both aurally and visually. It showcases Hinkle’s multifarious nature as a songwriter, too; she’s known for more rambunctious Americana.

‘Meditation: Beyond the Shores of Darkness’ is a hopeful folk composition that feels tailor-made for our current moment. It’s available to stream or buy now, via Organic.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm