Premiere | EG Vines – Am I Dreaming

When last he appeared on For Folk’s Sake, EG Vines was pitching the character of ‘The Salesman‘. Now, the frills are shaven and the message is clear as the artist sets his anger towards real-life salesmen who are commandeering American politics. It’s not a beat too soon, either; releasing on 30 October, Vines’ latest hits just 4 days prior to the States’ Election Day. Its verses basking in a classic doo wop structure, the song evolves on its refrain into more sinister alternative rock as Vines poses its titular question.

Vines tells For Folk’s Sake, “‘Am I Dreaming’ is about waking up from your rosy view of the American dream and starting to question who calls the shots and what it means for you and for those dissimilar to you.  I wrote it last winter before we knew what 2020 had in store.  I could probably write an 8 verse version now (laughing).”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm